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Automotive Marketing Facts: SEO is Still Reader Beware

By December 15, 2015 January 9th, 2017 No Comments
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SEO is Still Reader Beware

I recently read a post about Google’s changes to the Map output. If you type in Ford Dealers you will likely get a map toward the top of your results with three dealers identified. It used to be seven. The author’s point was being 4th made your store a total loser on this search. In fact, there is a clearly marked More Ford Dealers button at the bottom of the listing that brings up more dealers in a broader radius, and it shows a map expandable to see as many Ford dealers as the shopper would care to. Is it better to be 3rd than 4th? Yes, it always was, and now even more so, but be careful when people try to sell you expensive solutions to problems you may not have. If there are 10 other Ford dealers closer to the shopper, then you are not supposed to rank in the top three. On the other hand, if that shopper is looking for a specific vehicle and your site is optimized for every vehicle in every nearby city, then there is an advantage to be gained. If your site includes custom content for the models people search for and you need to sell, then you can gain an advantage, especially if your content is among the first to rank for that search term. SEO is not dead, but the hard truth about SEO is often covered in a big pile of manure, and that’s a fact.