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Automotive Marketing Facts: Same Content, URL, and HTML on All Devices

By October 20, 2015April 24th, 2020No Comments
Same Content, URL, and HTML on All Devices preview

Same Content, URL, and HTML on All Devices

Maria, some dealers took a hit in April when Google launched its newest punishment for a poor mobile experience, but the word on the street is even a site that passes Google’s mobile friendly test may not be living up to Google’s complete gauntlet of changes. That’s right Dennis. Google can be a little fuzzy on some things, but it very clearly favors websites serving up the same content, URL, and HTML code on all devices. That’s what it means to be responsible. The vast majority of dealer websites are not responsive sites to begin with. Among those that are, most are not responsible responsive sites. Some common examples are content that exists on the Search Results Page in a desktop view disappearing in a mobile view. We’re seeing many sites convert even higher from the SRP than the VDP, and even more frequently on mobile. Ironically, most of the SRP content that disappears does so on the mobile version of the site. So a proper design, the way Google recommends it is not only good for SEO it’s what converts higher as well. That’s right Google sees it just like dealers do, the site should move shoppers to the store from any device, and that’s a fact.