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Automotive Marketing Facts: Meeting the Needs of Tablet Users

By April 28, 2015 May 5th, 2015 No Comments
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Meeting the Needs of Tablet Users

Franchised dealers in the U.S. generally receive 10 to 15% of their site traffic from people on tablet devices. In Canada, that figure is more often a bit over 15%. Tablet shopping is particularly heavy on the weekends, when a lot of purchase decisions are made. But chances are your website looks and functions on a iPad or even an iPad Mini the same way it does on a desktop. The overwhelming majority of dealers across North America have a mobile site that only works on mobile phones and a desktop site that delivers a poor experience on tablet devices. This may be the best argument of all for a responsive website design. Properly designed, responsive sites have 4 break points. Roughly speaking, there is one for mobile phones, one for mini tablets or full tablets in a vertical format, on for full tablets horizontally, and one for desktop devices. When you shop for a responsive website, be sure you see all the breakpoints and watch carefully. The information should shift and the navigation change to match the device, but all the information should be available on every device. Sadly, that is not the case on many responsive websites. To properly meet the needs of all shoppers, including the 15% on tablet devices, dealers need more to do better than just a responsive site they need a responsible site, and that’s a fact.