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Automotive Marketing Facts: Measure the Objective

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Measure the Objective

There’s a lot of talk about how various marketing solutions should be measured. The answer depends on the objective. If you are trying to increase phone, email, and chat leads for the BDC, then the number of those leads should be the metric you measure the program by. If the effort is to drive more site traffic, unique visitors is your metric; but if the effort is to drive more store traffic that converts, then you need to know which of these unique visitors are converting on the site. Fortunately, many of these measurements are easier to obtain, and your vendors should be making them easy to obtain. Rarely is sales the objective for marketing. If sales is the objective for the sales person, then it cannot very well be the objective of the marketing that feeds the sales person. The objective should be the thing that marketing can achieve or contribute to on its own, and that’s a fact.