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Automotive Marketing Facts: Managing Pricing

By December 22, 2015 December 23rd, 2015 No Comments
Managing Pricing preview

Managing Pricing

TRANSCRIPT: Maria, I talked to a dealer who does not want anything but factory discounts on his F-150s for the rest of the year, but he wants factory discounts and $500 off MSRP as a rule, and sometimes he wants to add an additional $200 discount on models or trims that he is overstocked in, and he in his state everything needs to be itemized, but he wants it all automated without doing any work. Actually, it is a fair request. Dealers don’t have time and very little flexibility on the time they do have. It’s possible to have a price management tool that can do all of that, and put start/stop dates on any of those pricing policies. The system was designed by former dealers, with input from existing dealers, to deliver the right price on every vehicle while making the whole thing as easy as possible. That’s got to be pretty expensive then. At Dealer eProcess, it comes standard with every new website, and that’s a fact.

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