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Automotive Marketing Facts: You Just Think You Have a Website

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You Just Think You Have a Website preview

You Just Think You Have a Website

Every franchised dealer in North America has a website, in their own mind. But what matters is whether or not you have a website in the shopper’s mind. If they can’t find it, you don’t have it. If it doesn’t work well on the device they’re using at the time, then you don’t have it. Unless your customer can find and use your website, you don’t have one. That’s the individual shopper’s perspective, and that’s all that matters. Google may say your website is mobile friendly, but that only covers mobile phone based on Google’s limited testing. If the customer is on a small tablet computer, most dealer websites are virtually unusable. If the customer was on their desktop when they got excited about the car, but is on their mobile phone when they show their spouse the car, then the site had better include all the same information on both devices. Sadly, even most responsive websites fail these shoppers. The number of shoppers using mobile devices, including tablets, is growing. To many of them, you don’t have a website, and that’s a fact.