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Automotive Marketing Facts: How Can Dealers Get the Best Possible Service?

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How Can Dealers Get the Best Possible Service? video

How Can Dealers Get the Best Possible Service?

There is a lot of pressure on dealers to deliver great customer service, but doing that online often requires that they receive great service from their website supplier. Jenna Anderson leads our performance management team and is an expert in customer service. Jenna, what does great service even look like? Dennis it’s not great service unless it’s customized to that dealer. Some dealers want to know how they can work their own back end. Others just want the change done for them. Some want to talk on the phone. Some prefer email or texting. Most dealers need a dedicated performance manager, someone who knows them and knows their preferences. A great performance manager will not treat every dealer the same; they will treat each person at the dealership the way that individual prefers to be treated. Great customer service starts with listening and continues through by documenting and remembering. We have to listen patiently, confirm we understand the situation and objective, and deliver as quickly as possible. Even the best people must work within the right processes and culture in order to deliver the best possible service to dealers, and that’s a fact.