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Automotive Marketing Facts: Group Site Essentials

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Group Site Essentials preview

Group Site Essentials

TRANSCRIPT: There are more dealer groups today than ever before, and many of them continue to grow. A natural consequence is the growing importance of dealer group sites. Maria, you focus on large dealer groups; what should they demand from their group site. First, aggregated inventory. The group site is where the dealer group has a huge advantage when it aggregates inventory on a robust site. Shoppers are able to see an F-150 and a Ram 1500 in the same consideration set. On our sites they can see and compare every vehicle photo or video without leaving the search results page. Second, a responsive website, so it works for tablet users as well as those on mobile phones and desktops. That responsive site must not drop content as the shopper moves from one device to another. Third, is content. If you want the name of your dealer group to stand for something, your group site has got to stand up and deliver more than the standard photos, videos, and text descriptions. A well designed group site can and should be a huge competitive advantage, and that’s a fact.