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Automotive Marketing Facts: Exactly What is a Mobile Device?

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Exactly What is a Mobile Device?

Twenty-five years ago I bought a cordless laptop computer, because I wanted mobility. The freedom to take my laptop to the library or to a meeting. Clearly, laptops don’t fit the modern definition of mobile. A mobile phone is unquestionably a mobile device. The percentage of dealer site visits coming from mobile phones is higher than ever and continues to grow. Some dealers receive roughly half their site traffic from shoppers on mobile phones. We even see shoppers using the internet features on their mobile phone inside the store during the shopping process. The big mystery is tablet computers. They are clearly mobile, but research shows tablets are most frequently used in the living room or in bed. Visits from tablet computers amount to 10-15% of all dealer site visits, and more in some communities. The most frequent days for tablet visitation are Saturday and Sunday, when couples are most likely to be together. Tablets are mobile, but they are frequently used in the home, and they are a sharable size. This is often where couples come together on car shopping low in the purchase funnel. Your website has got to perform well on tablet devices. That means you’ve got to have a responsive website, and that’s a fact.