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Automotive Marketing Facts: Differentiating with Custom Content

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Differentiating with Custom Content

The primary way of making your website different from the competition in a way that delivers a considerable competitive advantage is with custom content. Custom content is great for SEO, getting more people to your site. With the right messaging, custom content can improve your conversion rate. What you’re watching right now is custom content for Dealer No other site provider has this content, it brings more people to our site and helps separate us from the competition. Which store in your market is talking about the difference between the new aluminum F-150 and other pickups? Who is explaining how differences in suspension systems can keep drivers safer? Who is explaining the difference in motor oil viscosity grades and what it means to the life of vehicles in your community? Do it in a video, with text, or with a chart or picture, but put content on your site that is relevant to customers in your market. Your custom content will have much better SEO value if it is linked directly from the main menu bar. This is a key advantage to mega menus. Whether you develop custom content yourself or retain a service like ours to do it for you, having that content on your site and linked directly from your main menu will attract more site visitors and increase time on site, and that’s a fact.