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Automotive Marketing Facts – Branding Online

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Automotive Marketing Facts - Branding Online

Branding Online

When we talk about branding, many people immediately think of radio, TV, and outdoor, but there are some very cost effective ways of branding online as well aren’t there? Absolutely! The most cost effective way to brand yourself as a dealer is through remarketing and display advertising. Remarketing allows you to send specific messaging to customers all over the internet after they’ve visited your site; you can even send messaging based on what vehicles the customer was shopping when they visited you! These banner ads then direct the user right back to the inventory on your site that they were interested in. It’s a great experience for the customer, and provides excellent results for the dealer. Imagine if you were able to change the billboards while someone was driving down a highway to images of products they have searched for, for free, until the person engages with it. Having the ability to tailor your branding to the customer’s interests keeps the message fresh and relevant throughout that shopper’s entire trip through the sales funnel. Dealers can also brand themselves across the internet using targeting metrics that actually pick and choose internet browsers who are actively searching for a car to buy. Using the customer’s click path, we can target users who have shown an interest in particular makes and models that our dealers either sell or compete with, and hit that user with a banner that says they should come to our dealer’s site to learn more about the vehicle they’re interested in. The great thing about all of this is that we have the ability to show tens of thousands of ads to qualified customers for just a couple hundred dollars a month. If you’re going to engage in branding do enough of it to make it work. Branding online can be a very cost-effective part of that advertising mix, and that’s a fact.