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What is social networking?

Social networking is similar to standard networking only it is done online rather than in person. Social networking sites strive to bring together communities of people looking to connect with other people that share common interests. While social networking may have initially been considered a passing fad, it has since exceeded expectations and grown into an important communication and marketing tool, utilized by multiple age groups and varying demographics.

When did social networking first appear?

Social networking sites first appeared in the early 1990s with the rise of the Internet. While the initial platforms (such as dial-up bulletin-board systems and chat rooms) were somewhat trivial, they provided the foundation that later led to larger, more organized online networks such as Facebook, Digg, Twitter and more.

What types of audiences do social networking sites attract?

Initially, most social networking sites appealed to younger users for their multi-media sharing capabilities.  However, they quickly garnered more sophisticated users as the years progressed. For instance, take a look at some of the demographic statistics taken from the following social networking sites in 2008:


  • Less than  20% of users are under the age of 18
  • Boasts 150 million users in 170 different countries


  • 80% of users are male, 20% are female
  • Largest age demographic is 25-44
  • 40% of users have a bachelor’s degree
  • 70% of users have a household income over $50,000


  • 60% of users are male, 40% are female
  • 20% of users are under 35 years of age, 40% are age 35-44, 40% are 45 or older
  • 45% of users have a college degree, 15% a graduate degree
  • 50% of users have household incomes over $75,000

Why is social networking beneficial for my business?

Social networking for auto dealers is an important tool for businesses because of its immense reach. There are few marketing platforms that require such little maintenance yet provide such tremendous yield.  For example, take a look at Facebook. Setting up an account with Facebook is absolutely free. Once a member, you become linked into a massive network of people that boast over 150 million users and 54.5 million unique monthly visitors.

How can I implement social networking into my car dealer website?

Dealer eProcess recognizes the incredible marketing opportunity associated with social networking as it pertains to a car dealers, so its developers have worked hard at creating innovative technology that allows dealers to promote their facilities, cars and other related content on over 60 different social networking platforms directly from their websites. With the click of a button, a car dealer and/or potential buyer can take any vehicle in a dealer’s online inventory and promote it on Facebook, Digg, Twitter and dozens of other social media platforms, sharing the information with new and existing clientele.

Why is social networking valuable for both car dealers and consumers?

Social networking is valuable for both car dealers and consumers because it fosters a “win-win” environment. Dealers enjoy the benefit of existing customers sharing positive information with otherwise uniformed customers who have not visited their website directly. Likewise, potential buyers benefit from gaining valuable information that they would have otherwise missed if they had not visited the car dealer’s website directly.

How do I utilize social networking within my car dealer website if I am unfamiliar with the technology?

Utilizing this technology is simple, provided you take the time to understand how it is leveraged on different social networking platforms. The first step would be to set up accounts for your business on relevant social networking sites. If you are unfamiliar with this process, Dealer eProcess will work with you to make sure you are set up properly right from the start.  From there, Dealer eProcess will incorporate the necessary web buttons that link directly from your business’s site to your relevant social networking sites. While regular SEO and maintenance of these platforms is required in order for them to be successful, the rewards are well worth the effort.

What will I ultimately gain from implementing social networking on my car dealer website?

While some skeptics might question the value of banners and buttons on a car dealer’s website linking to different social networking sites, consider this; the average car dealer’s website sees anywhere from 50 to 1000 visitors per day, without the aid of active social networking.  If a dealer chooses to incorporate social networking into their site, that makes its site all the more intriguing to a potential buyer; hence attracting more page views.  Furthermore, if a car dealer offers ways for existing clients to share information (such as car photos, facility tours, car specifications or car sales) with other potential buyers via several social networking platforms, that helps the car dealer’s website gain more relevance.   Therefore, the main value proposition that Dealer eProcess offers car dealers when it comes to implementing social networking in their websites is better reach, more page views and greater relevance in search.