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By November 8, 2008April 24th, 2020One Comment

What is our dealerships website Page Rank? How good is your Dealer Web site?

There are third party websites (tools) actually websites that will measure the ranking of your dealers website. For dealer personnel that don’t know what Page Rank is; (it’s a tool) put together by Google that determines the effectiveness or efficiency of your dealership and for that matter all websites.

The higher your page rank in combination with many other factors, the higher your dealers website is listed in the various search engines.(More traffic to your site) This means more people are looking at your new and used vehicles, service and parts departments, thus putting more money into circulation for the dealership.

If more people are going to your dealer website, it doesnt take a rocket scientist to know less traffic is going to your competitors’ website. Unfortunately most people that work in a dealership don’t even know what Google page rank is but those visitors that do will place your dealership website in a higher respect than your competitors and feel that your content is much more valuable and insightful leaving a better chance to get bookmarked.

The next question is, how is page rank determined? And more importantly how do you increase the page rank for your dealers website?. Let’s look at the first part of that question.

One way to help determine your page is when another (relevant auto site) site links to your page with a back link. The more back links you receive from other pages that have content relevant to yours, the higher your page rank.

This process of building links can get quite involved and very confusing which is why we recommend a Dealer e process auto dealer website to sort through all back links, since they don’t all carry the same weight or force. Leave that to our SEO team. The higher the page rank that a link is coming from, the more beneficial it is in terms of boosting your page rank of the dealers site. So if you get back links from a lot of websites with low page ranks (p1, p2) it will not have as strong an impact as a few pages with higher page ranks. Most dealership websites range in the realm of Page Rank 3 or 4.

There is complication to this process; If your dealers website has a page rank of 4 and it is already linked to 8 or 12 other pages then it will NOT be any more beneficial to you than a page that has a page rank of 2 or less.

Another way to improve your dealership page rank is through the use of web directories and no name search engines. Dealer e Process SEO PowerPage Rank technology takes care of all that on a monthly basis. Not only will the use of our SEO services increase your page rank, but it will also increase the traffic to your dealers website.

There are alot of other factors that will definitely help you to increase your ranking and the general traffic to your dealers website. If you are curious about the page ranking of your own dealer website after reading this article, you can see exactly where you stand by doing a Google search for “page rank”. Once you find a site (or download the Google Toolbar to your desktop) all you have to do is put your dealership URL(s)in the web address field and you will have your answer.