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Car Dealers Have Multiple Ways
to Utilize Chat

Dealer Managed Chat

Dealerships will have the ability to log in to the industry’s best user interface via desktop computer or mobile app and manage live chats by department initiated from a customer requesting help on the website.

24/7 Proactive Managed Chat

Dealer eProcess manages all chats for all departments 24/7 365 days a year on behalf of the dealership. This requires no dealer hiring, training or managing of additional personnel. Dealer eProcess was the first to market with an automotive specific managed solution, so we are pretty good at it!

Dealerships will have the ability to log in to a secure dashboard and review chats that were performed by dealer specific live chat agents from Dealer eProcess. Let us do the heavy lifting.

Hybrid Chat

Some dealerships like to perform their own chat, and we like that. But, most dealers aren’t available 24/7 365. We can be your backup when your team is not available! Your dealership will have the ability to watch chats happen in real time while also having the ability to “jump in” and take over the chat from Dealer eProcess trained live chat agents. This style of chat allows the dealership to have the best of both worlds and 24/7 365 live chat coverage.

chat windows

Chat Windows

Technology is constantly changing, regardless of the application. Chat windows are changing too. Dealer eProcess chat windows are built with functionality and design that delivers what a customer is looking for. Our chat windows are the first in the industry to incorporate a “Responsive” web design making them functional on every type of device.

Not only do our chat windows adapt to desktops, tablets and mobile phones, but they are also 100% customizable in look, feel, size, shape, and can incorporate the personal touch of a real human face.

Our dealers love the fact that our chat windows can highlight dealer promotions through the use of ad space designed within the chat window to help break the ice to start a conversation.

Multi Lingual Chat 3

Multilingual Chat

There is no argument that customers love to chat. The question is, can your dealership chat with all customers in the language they prefer? Well, now you can. The Dealer eProcess live chat platform gives dealers the coverage to speak to customers fluently in the following languages; English, Spanish, French, Italian, German, and Mandarin. 24/7 coverage.


CRM Integration/Intelligent Chat Routing

All live chat conversations that take place on the Dealer eProcess live chat platform have the capability to be sent to ANY CRM platform in the automotive industry. Not only are we 100% integrated, but we also have the capability to filter chats by the department within the dealership they belong too.

Chats can also be transferred from department to department in real time, helping your customers get the correct answer from the experts at the correct department.

User Interface 5

User Interface

The user interface is where the magic happens in the Dealer eProcess live chat platform. Most live chat interfaces in the automotive industry are clunky, outdated, and lack the usability a dealer needs to answer chats promptly and effectively.

  • Predictive Targeting -Helps dealers understand their site visitors’ intent and value, enabling them to meaningfully connect through the most appropriate type of engagement—chat, personalized messages and offers.
  • Keyword Intelligence – Customers using Dealer eProcess websites have the ability to “type” into our search bar what they are looking for, “just like google”. Dealers can now “see” this happening in real time. Pretty cool? We think so.
  • Visitor Behavior Tracking – Customers love to browse multiple websites while shopping for a new car. As a matter of fact, most customers don’t even remember the websites they have visited let alone the chat conversations they may have had! Our dealers will! Whenever a customer visits a website our chat is installed on, our dealer will see; customer’s geographical location, any previous conversation that has ever happened, previous & current website click path, source of chat, entry page, time on site and many more.
  • Interactive Training Panels – We realize that dealers who perform their own chat may need some training. Our platform allows the manager to monitor & take over any chat for any department from any website from one location, the Interactive Training Panel.
  • Vehicle Inventory Integration – Vehicle inventory is the lifeline of a car dealership. Dealer’s inventory is integrated directly into the chat interface, making it possible to see all the important information about vehicles in stock quickly, while giving the operator the ability to push out pages to customers in real time.
  • Real Time Traffic Monitoring – Handling multiple chats across multiple websites from one interface is a breeze with the Dealer eProcess chat platform. However, monitoring those customers who have elected not to chat yet is equally important. When the customer is finally ready, will your operator be?

reporting 6


Great reporting is crucial for a dealer to understand the power of live chat. The Dealer eProcess platform contains over 20 reports that help a dealer break down their business and opportunity as it relates to the use of chat for their dealership. A product demonstration from our team will shine a light on what most dealers are missing.

facebook chat image

Facebook Integration

Social media isn’t going away anytime soon. The good news is our chat will integrate directly into a dealer’s Facebook page, making it possible to have a conversation with a customer while giving credit to its source, Facebook.