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COVID-19 analysisCOVID-19 Response

COVID-19 Impact Analysis

HOW HAS THE NATIONAL PANDEMIC, SOCIAL DISTANCING, AND SHELTER-IN-PLACE ORDERS AFFECTED AUTOMOTIVE DEALERS? INSIGHTS  YoY comparisons of 147 dealer clients yield similar overall trends in actualized sale volume across all OEMs; Data is highly reliant on enrolled clients which skews proportionally towards Illinois, California, Florida, and Texas state regions.  Downward…
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March 20, 2020
blog post feature image: The Importance of Responding to ReviewsSEO

The Importance of Responding to Reviews and Improving Local SEO

There are numerous ways to improve your SEO ranking, but one that recently received additional affirmation from Google is responding to reviews. Studies show that more and more consumers trust online reviews and use them to guide their choices when making quick online searches for local businesses. Why is Responding…
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April 11, 2019