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heatmap targeting

CAROi Heatmap Targeting

By | Featured, New Website Features

DEP’s Digital Marketing Department is excited to announce the release of their new tool – CARoi Heat Maps! These maps allow a dealership to clearly see where their marketing budget is being used and how that compares to where their cars are being sold. No need to guess with our…

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mobile scorecard

Google Mobile Scorecard

By | Featured, SEO

Report cards are not just for school anymore. Google has released its new Mobile Scorecard, which ranks websites based on page speed from a mobile device. This should come as no surprise since Google has been promoting an emphasis on mobile speed for several years. They have also announced a…

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Google Working to Ensure Valid Reviews

By | Featured, In the News

  With the rise of user reviews making or breaking a company or business’s reputation, the danger of corruption is also high. As this article from Chatmeter shows, Google is adding more preventative measures to help minimize illegitimate reviews. Google Joins Chatmeter in the Mission to Ensure Review Legitimacy By…

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