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Anderson Toyota Joins Certified Toyota Website Provider

By September 17, 2012 July 19th, 2016 No Comments

Anderson Scion previewMajor manufacturers have always been protective of their brand but with social media and the internet they’ve taken protective to the next level.  They don’t want just anybody putting their logo on any old site.  Toyota in particular is very protective of just where their brand is displayed.  If a dealer is going to get full use out of the Toyota brand they need to partner with a certified website developer like Dealer eProcess.

Dealer eProcess is proud to be Toyota certified because that allows  our dealers access to materials from Toyota’s marketing team and allows Dealer eProcess the chance to give our Toyota Dealers the best chance to stand out from the fly-by-night dealers not working with a  certified Toyota dealers.

One such dealer, Anderson Toyota of Loves Park, Illinois, has partnered with Dealer eProcess to take advantage of the exclusive content dealers get from a certified Toyota web provider.  Not only does Anderson Toyota get access to exclusive Toyota marketing materials but they get early looks at the latest and greatest new models before other dealers with non-certified web providers.   Anderson Toyota homepage is stacked with pictures of the latest from Toyota that you can only get by being with a certified Toyota web provider.  On top of that by using a certified Toyota website provider like Dealer eProcess you get access to specialized campaigns that will work seamlessly with your dealership website.

By going with a certified Toyota website provider like Dealer eProcess you can be sure you’ll have the advantage in a crowded auto dealers market.

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Dealer e Process is focused on innovative websites and integrated online tools that engage consumers and producers.  They are committed to creating more opportunity and conversion for auto dealers than any website provider in the industry.  Check them out at and on Twitter at @Dealereprocess.

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