Dealer eProcess Is Committed to Accessibility and Inclusion for All of Our Dealers’ Websites.

We firmly believe that everyone visiting your site should be able to navigate it successfully, regardless of any disabilities. DEP has partnered with UsableNet to update our platform to comply with WCAG standards and ensure that your site remains accessible through quarterly audits. We have also created a support team fully dedicated to ADA compliance to help keep your website as accessible as possible.

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• UsableNet monthly scans include all 3rd party code to help identify non-compliant tools.

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• Includes DEP developer making changes to DEP controlled portions of website.
• 100% ADA Conformance letter/statement provided in the event of a complaint.
• Dedicated Dealer eProcess ADA team.

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• Screen Reader Adjustment Tool
• Virtual Keyboard

• Animation Disabler
• A.I-Powered Automatic Remediation

• Contrast Error Adjustments
• Blinks Blocking

• Smart Navigation

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