Acura Dealer News: What the Acura Mobile Website Award Means for Acura Dealers

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Acura.com was recently ranked highest in Automotive Mobile Site Satisfaction among Manufacturer Brand Websites by J.D. Power. The press release offers no indication as to why the site received the highest average score among respondents, but it does point out the importance of functioning well on all devices. Scores often differed for shoppers on smaller mobile phones versus those using devices with larger screens, often called phablets.

Acura dealers need a website that delivers a great experience on all devices. Arguably, that is much more difficult for dealers to achieve than it is for OEMs. The manufacturer’s focus is on enhancing preference for the brand and specific vehicles. Dealers need to provide all the vehicle information found anywhere else on the web while enhancing preference for the store as well. This is a tall order, and most dealers cannot do it alone.

Pohanka Acura, the nation’s number-one Acura dealer for 15 years running, uses the RESS (Responsive Server Side) platform from Dealer eProcess to show all information on all devices, something not even achieved on the Acura.com site. But simply functioning properly on all devices is not enough. Sites need to provide the maximum amount of information on all devices. Dealers using this platform instantly and automatically receive the manufacturer’s downloadable brochure and owner’s manual added to each vehicle listing, new and used. Each vehicle listing receives a list of the vehicle’s third-party awards, tying in data from across the internet with no effort from the dealership.

J.D. Power has been ranking manufacturer websites since 2001, and has added this additional study on mobile sites. This two-study process would not be relevant on dealer sites. Many of the site visitors who come to the store do so after multiple site visits on various devices. The information must be consistent across devices, something not addressed in the J.D. Power methodology. The dealer’s site needs to position the dealership as the foremost authority on the vehicles it sells – and do it on any device with consistent information across devices.

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