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The vast majority of trade-in tools function the same way they did 10 years ago. Shoppers are demanding more today, and savvy Acura dealers are delivering it. This trade-in tool (Figure 1) collects more vehicle data in one step than this one (Figure 2) does in the first three steps. That is important, because every time the shopper has to go to the next step they ask themselves, “am I sure.” It is easier on the shopper if they can see everything related to their trade-in at one time, and make that decision only once. This tool also allows the shopper to upload photos and video of their vehicle, leading to a deeper level of engagement when the shopper and store personnel make contact. But what if you wanted to ask additional questions for even more detail and a more accurate quote? That is possible too, (Figure 3) with a pop-up menu that can be prepopulated. The right dealer is the one looking for every opportunity to give the shopper more for their trade-in, and this Acura dealer is a cut above.

Figure 1

eAutoAppraise from
Dealer E-Process

eAuto Appraise

Figure 2

Traditional Style Trade-In Tool

Traditional Style Trade In Tool

Figure 3

eAutoAppraise Additional Questions

eAutoAppraise questionnaire

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