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7 Ways to Dominate Sales in 2019

By December 5, 2018February 7th, 2019No Comments

Before we enter the new year, dealerships are reporting slower sales and smaller numbers within the last few weeks. According to Iris Kelly from CBT Automotive Network, there are 7 helpful tactics your dealership can implement today to help combat those softer sales and hit 2019 hard. Keep reading the following article to help your dealership outperform the competition!

7 Ways to Future-Proof Your Dealership

by: Iris Kelley

  1. Turn shopping into meaningful matchmaking. Consumers are looking for a more personalized experience. They want vehicles customized to their lifestyle preferences. They want to choose their own salespeople. Relying on third-party marketplaces and sales profile tools can make it easier for dealers to promote personalized inventory and make it easy for customers to choose their own sales team.
  2. Leverage insights to determine the “why” behind the purchase. Consumers shop for vehicles across a number of multiple devices and channels. Tracking their behavior and connecting the dots has become more critical than ever in order to attribute appropriate ROI and minimize ad waste. Also critical: using those insights to provide context of why they are buying and use that to more effectively sell by leveraging what excites them and overcome objections.
  3. Drive smarter, higher quality leads. Not all leads are created equal. You need both quantity and quality. The better the lead information, the more context you have to more effectively connect with your lead, develop a better pitch, and close the sale.
  4. Extend your hours without extending your labor costs. Your shoppers live in an always-on world. So should you. You can’t keep your physical store open 24/7, but your online sales efforts can be. Car shopping online doesn’t stop when your doors close, and you need virtual representation after-hours to avoid gaps in the car shopping journey and keep the buying process moving.
  5. Find consumers before they find you. It’s critical that you find customers where they are. If you don’t find them, they may not find you. Finding in-market customers at key points in their digital car shopping journey can help extend the reach of your inventory, making it work harder for you. Boosting your content with stronger digital advertising is key.
  6. Dominate social. Social selling has become a must for auto retailers. New forms of digital advertising on platforms such as Facebook help extend the reach of auto retailers. But they can often be difficult to navigate. In order to dominate social, you need to be present 24/7. You also need to unleash your people to be brand ambassadors on social. Social is a team sport. Everyone at your dealership needs to play.
  7. Manage your reputation. Reputation management is a key factor to operating a well-oiled dealership. With online reviews for retail and businesses in general, automotive reviews are growing and can be seen by the general public. The ability to quickly respond to and manage reviews critical to maintaining a positive reputation for your business to both potential and current customers.

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