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5 Signs That Your Dealership’s Website Needs an Upgrade

By March 14, 2019March 15th, 2019No Comments

You have had the same site for years and you are afraid that it is costing you money, but how do you know if it’s time to get an upgrade?  Read on for 5 key elements to consider.

  • Look and feel: Do you have website envy?  When looking at competitor’s websites, do they have a much more modern look, like the homepage above?  This is the first clue that your website may be stuck in the past.
  • Mobile: How does your site appear on mobile? Remember that at least 60% of your visitors are likely to look at your mobile site.  When you first launched your current site, mobile may have been in its infancy.  If that’s the case, there’s a good chance that your mobile site is hard to use and costing you money in sales. A responsive site will adapt for mobile users, like in the image above, so they can easily access the tools they need.

  • Conversions: What do your website conversion stats look like? (Hint:  leads/unique visitors)  Some of the dealer sites today are converting 1.5%-3%…including phone calls!  That’s terrible!  Many of today’s providers are struggling with site speed.  Conversion tools are the scapegoat of the week.  It’s easier for a website company to blame third party tools than to take the responsibility themselves.  The solution is too often to make the site a hostile place for the third party tools.  This struggle is at the expense of site conversion.


  • Site Speed: Speaking of site load times, how does your site do?  Out-of-date sites tend to load slower.  If you haven’t redesigned your site in a while, chances are that it is loading slowly.  Keep in mind the more 3rd party tools you have implemented on your website can also slow site speed down, as well!

  • Site Dashboard: What are you able to do in the dashboard of your website?  Are you stuck calling the provider for the simplest of site edits or for advanced performance data?  Can your dashboard track user behavior and show which ad sources are contributing to lead count and even sales?  Do you get click path data with your site leads?  Is it easy to track the performance of your conversion tools?

If you have a sick feeling at this point, then your site is probably in need of assistance!  Fortunately, many OEM programs are opening up to offer more provider choices.  If you are over your current site/provider, then you are in luck!  Make sure you read reviews on your next provider.  Most providers have slick presentations and make unrealistic promises.  You will want to listen to what they say, and what they don’t say, and read the reviews.  Here is a good place to start:  https://drivingsales.com/vendor-ratings/category/websites.

Here at Dealer eProcess, we have award-winning websites and marketing tools that can provide the upgrade your dealership needs! We are also a certified website provider for Acura, BMW, Kia, Mazda, FCA, and Toyota. To learn more about our industry-leading platform, fill out the Contact Us form below!

Kristin worked at one of the largest volume dealerships in the Midwest for 8 years and has been with Dealer eProcess for almost 3 years. Having experience on both ends of the spectrum has been very helpful when strategizing with her dealers.


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