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5 Questions to Ask When Shopping for a New Website

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Does your website SPARK JOY? If not, it might be time to consider shopping for a new one!

Marie Kondo, a 4’ 7” petite powerhouse has set the world on fire with her KonMari method of teaching us all how to declutter our homes. She is the reason everyone you know is suddenly cleaning out their closets. Her practical method of getting rid of things you don’t need can absolutely be applied to your dealership’s website. I’m confident that we would all agree your dealership’s website should be something you’re proud of. It should be a place that’s refreshing to visit, not a destination that adds stress to your visitors’ busy lives, causing them to scramble for the back button, or worse – leaving your site to an OEM site where they will likely find one of your competitors.

Yes, you can and should have an uncluttered website that’s clear, easy to use, and provides a wonderful experience for your users.

Look at your existing site and decide what do you love (sparks joy) and what do you want to change (clutter, doesn’t covert). Look at the data and consider these top five questions to ask when shopping for a new site.

1. How Easy is the Shopping Experience for Your Customer?

Your site navigation and menu structure are like the foundation and frame of your dealership building. If they are well-organized and make sense, then your pages and content on those pages will make sense too. A website that is well-structured with easy, logical navigation will be a pleasure to visit, especially on mobile.

Too many steps to reach the goal adds friction to the website. For instance, when a customer wants to search for a car with a special feature like a rearview camera, a third-row seat, or a sunroof, your website should provide information in less than three steps. Ideally, the customer will put in what they are searching for and the results will be right in front of them. This makes the customer happy because they’ve saved a lot of time. The feeling is something similar to the immediate answer of a Google search.

2. How Streamlined is the Website Navigation?

Can all customers get to EVERYWHERE they want to go on your site with JUST ONE CLICK from your homepage, as high up as possible? Your site visitors are there for 1. USED 2. SERVICE (parts/accessories/collision) 3. NEW …can they schedule a service appointment with a single click from the homepage?

Browse Used with 1 CLICK?

See dealer specials with 1 CLICK?

OEM specials with 1 CLICK?

New inventory with 1 CLICK?

Browse by VEHICLE TYPE with 1 CLICK?

See the same site in proper Spanish in 1 CLICK?

3. What is the Image Quality and Quantity?

Images! People buy cars based on the images they see and what is described in videos. Images SIZE does matter. Knowing that a car is most likely the second-largest purchase your customer is making, showcase your inventory in the best way on both the SRP and VDP! Use large photos on the SRP not postage stamps – no one wants (or has to) pinch images anymore. Bring more joy by including advanced tools like hotspot technology that points out on the vehicles pictures features and benefits.

4. Are There Enough User-Friendly Call-to-Actions?

Give your customers, both Millennial and Baby Boomers, the details they are looking for and the perfect call-to-action (CTA). For example, is pricing clear from the SRP? What about trim packages? Do you have several CTA buttons so that all of your customers can convert on your site? What about Owner Manuals and brochures for not just your new inventory, but used as well? Finally, confirm that each page has a compelling CTA.

5. Are You Able to Make the Changes You Want to See?

Are you comfortable creating pages, changing buttons, and adding content to your dealership’s website? Does that bring you joy? If it does, then make sure you have the option to make changes on your site. This can include building pages, uploading videos, etc. Or, if it does not bring you joy, use the website provider’s seasoned account executive to manage your dealership’s website needs. Your provider should offer the level of service you need to meet your dealership’s goals.

Whether you’re cleaning up your site before a re-skin, thinking about changing website providers, or you simply feel like giving your site an overdue spring cleaning, consider the KonMari method. After all, your site is often the very first impression that prospective customers have of you and your team. Make that first impression count!

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