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Live Chat Creates Repeat Visitors

By June 3, 2009April 24th, 2020No Comments

Three years ago, when we started Pro Active Live Chat, it was a concept so new to web visitors that each visitor had a unique reaction. Some visitors would think of our Live Chat Operators as ‘automated bots’, while some as ‘advertisements’! But the best visitors were those with whom we were able to form a lasting relationship. Live Chat Software allows Operators to set names for visitors, so that when these visitors come back on the website – it’s like coming back to a place where everybody knows your name, and they’re always glad you came.

Our Live Chat Operators personalized their conversations and were familiar with the needs of each repeat visitor. This made a lasting impact and was beneficial for our clients’ web sites as it helped create a loyal customer base. Not surprisingly, according to new data from WebSideStory Inc., when it comes to purchasing online then repeat visitors are eight times more likely to click the order button than new visitors. Repeat visitors to business-to-consumer e-commerce websites have a conversion rate of 12.61 percent, compared to just 1.55 percent for new visitors, according to the WebSideStory Index.

Live Chat builds a relationship with web visitors from personal experience and creates a level of comfort with them. Operators win customer loyalty by providing top level customer service. This generates repeat visitor, just like one would like to buy from a shop owner that one is comfortable with more often than the shop owner one doesn’t know at all. One of the most important benefits of having repeat visitors is the fact that it is far easier to convince a repeat visitor to buy from online business than to start convincing a completely new visitor. Simply put, repeat visitors require less time and money in persuasion to buy from you.

Why wait to generate repeat visitors for your business?