20 Years of Automotive Internet: Testimonials

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Testimonials preview


TRANSCRIPT: Maria, testimonials are one of the things that have really changed over the history of automotive internet, and I understand things are still changing. What’s new? Dennis, the importance of testimonials is not going away, in fact they can be more important than ever, if used properly. At Dealer eProcess, we make it possible for shoppers to see testimonials on the Vehicle Details Page, because this is increasingly becoming a landing page for shoppers who may not have a preference for the stores. Does the dealer do that manually or is it automatic? With our exclusive Dealer Watch product, testimonials can be fed to the site automatically, from popular review sites along with the dealers Google reviews and we can limit that to just testimonials with four or five star ratings. Having testimonials is no longer enough, you need to have them where shoppers need them, and it needs to happen automatically.