20 Years of Automotive Internet: Making the Cars of Tomorrow

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Making the Cars of Tomorrow preview

Making the Cars of Tomorrow

There’s been a lot of talk about companies like Apple and Google making cars, or is that even realistic? One indication is Market Cap, what a company is worth according to its current share price. For example, GM has a market cap of 47 billion dollars. If someone wanted to buy the company they would surely have to pay some kind of premium above that amount, but it’s a good indication of what a company is worth. As of this recording, Ford’s market cap is 55 billion and FCA’s has reached 22 billion. In contrast, Toyota’s market cap is 188 billion, higher than GM, Ford, and FCA combined. But the same markets value Google at more than twice that, 429 billion. In fact Google has more cash than the combined worth of GM and Chrysler. Apple’s market cap is a staggering 663 billion and according to a recent Wall Street Journal article has 203 billion in cash, cash equivalents, and marketable securities, more than even Toyota is worth. But these companies may not need to buy a car company to manufacture cars. Vehicles may increasingly become a combination of battery powered hardware and software. These companies already understand that pretty well. What they may not understand so well are the intense regulatory constraints and traditional distribution channels. Making cars may be less of a challenge than selling them.