20 Years of Automotive Internet: Which of These Things Go Together?

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Which of These Things Go Together preview

Which of These Things Go Together?

A common learning game for children is matching up which things go together. In marketing, knowing which things best go together in the marketing mix is essential. You want to move away from third-party leads and invest more in SEO and digital marketing; that strategy has got to be matched up with a great website. You may want to force or at least encourage shoppers to request information online? Then you’d better have a team that’s great at responding to those leads. You want to run a one-price store? Then you need to be able to demonstrate the value of your vehicles online and off. You want to establish a store image with lots of branding ads on the TV and radio? Then you’d better make sure your store operations can live up to that brand image. You want to use mid-day radio to reach office workers and entice them to check out your dealers before they get off work? Then you’d better have chat and texting on your site because they probably cannot talk on the phone. Virtually every marketing move you make impacts something else, and it has always been that way. Think of your business holistically, and never make a knee-jerk decision to change course without thinking it through.