20 Years of Automotive Internet: Software Integration or Shopper Integration

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Software Integration or Shopper Integration preview

Software Integration or Shopper Integration

TRANSCRIPT: Maria, which integration should your dealership be most concerned with, software integration or shopper integration? Businesses have come to expect their software systems to integrate together, and all leads from all websites do go into virtually every CRM system. The harder part is integrating with the shopper. Do they want to communicate with the store via email form leads, phone calls, chats, or texting. All of these leads go to the CRM, but most dealers don’t offer all of these forms of communication. Is the shopper using a desktop computer, mobile phone, tablet, or a surface enabled laptop? Again the CRM can take leads from the dealer’s site on all these devices, but most dealer sites don’t provide an optimal shopper experience on all these devices. I guess that answers that, choose a website that integrates with every shopper regardless of device type or communication method. Software integration is how developed leads transfer through. Shopper integration is what produces more leads to transfer through.