20 Years of Automotive Internet: Frequency, Duration, and Importance

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Frequency, Duration, and Importance preview

Frequency, Duration, and Importance

In social science and marketing we are able to observe recorded behavior like never before. We were never able to see what magazine pages people read the most or when they paid the closest attention to the radio, but we can see what happens online. However, there are pitfalls. We can see how frequently shoppers go to a site or use an app. We can see how long they use it for each session, and by combining the two we can see the total time on site or with the app. However, frequency times duration does not equal importance. Many people spend the most time on things that simply fritter away time, like Angry Birds. Something of critical importance, like the app for the airline you are flying may be of vital importance when used, even if used seldom. A great deal has changed over the past 20 years, but this has not. The same principle applied to content on a dealer’s website. Great marketers still need to distinguish between that which is frequently used and that which has a big impact on the shopper.