20 Years of Automotive Internet: This Ain’t Chess

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This Ain't Chess preview

This Ain’t Chess

Few things impact the future of a business more than personnel development. Although the comparison is frequently made and has been for over a century, business management is not a chess game where you win by moving your pieces around better than your opponent does. If chess were like business you’d win by teaching your pieces more and better skills. Your pieces would frequently engage in teaching each other and the next thing you know the knight is teaching the queen to hop, the rook is going diagonal and even zig zagging, and the pawns are flying around dropping bombs on the other side. In chess, as in many of the old games, both sides command pieces that do specific things from the beginning of the game to the end. Business doesn’t work that way, at least not the ones bent on winning. Ask a seven year old to play chess and she’ll ask you what level each piece is at and what she needs to do to upgrade them. She’s going to do just fine at the dealership. When faced with a business challenge she’s more likely to turn to development than restructuring the org chart.