12 Days of Giveaways, Day 12: Apple Wallet

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Dealer eProcess 12 Days of Giveaways, Day 12: Apple Wallet

Dealer eProcess is proud to announce our latest website feature: integration with Apple Wallet™.

Customers can say goodbye to printing and carrying around paper coupons in order to take advantage of special offers. The functionality of Apple Wallet™ provides a convenient way for shoppers to save your digital coupons directly to their smartphone. All they have to do is browse the coupons on your website and click the button that reads “Add to Apple Wallet™” to hold onto any specials they think they might use. When ready to cash in, the coupons can be quickly accessed right from their phone to complete the deal. It’s that simple.

Add to Apple Wallet

The Apple Wallet™ application on the iPhoneⓇ is straightforward and easy to use. For customers adding a coupon to their wallet from a desktop rather than directly from their phone, the app provides a code scanner so all they have to do is hold their phone up to the desktop screen, scan and save. The app even has location based capabilities which automatically displays any saved coupons from the lock screen when they are at the dealership, helping eliminate hassle and save time even further.

With the latest trends in technology, more and more often customers are expecting a quicker, easier way to get things done. That is why all coupons created in the Dealer eProcess dashboard now offer the ease of Apple Wallet™ to store coupons and special offers right onto mobile devices. Your customers will love being able to use their smartphones to cash in on every great deal you tender, and in turn, will appreciate that your website is providing such innovative and convenient services.

Here at Dealer eProcess, our team is committed to keeping up with the modern world by implementing Apple Wallet™ onto our industry-leading sites for your benefit. Supplying you and your customers with the latest in cutting-edge advancements is one of the many ways we pledge to serve your needs. For more info on our integration with Apple Wallet™, and to find out more, contact us today!