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Get Ahead of the Game and Go Paperless

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It’s no secret that every day more people are making the choice to go paperless. Whether it’s paying a bill, receiving a paycheck, or saving a receipt, digital is the way of the future. As this article from Digital Dealer points out, dealers should take note of this and start adjusthing…

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auto show

The Benefits of Auto Shows

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  Auto shows are nothing new, but as this article from NADA shows, they are growing in popularity. What does this mean for dealers? Keep reading to learn more about the exciting benefits that the auto show season has to offer! Auto Shows are Booming and That’s Good for Business -by…

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customer data

Using Customer Data Wisely

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  There’s a fine line between providing a personalized customer experience and being creepy. As this article from Digital Dealer points out, you want to exercise discretion when using customer data or the result may end up turning them away. When Using Customer Data, Don’t Be Creepy! -by Sara Callahan…

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