20 Years of Automotive Internet: Tiered Listings

By August 6, 2015Uncategorized
Tiered Listings preview

Tiered Listings

A number of listings services tier their listings. Dealers pay a premium to be in the top tier. Listings of dealers who don’t pony up the top funds don’t show up until after all the pages of listings from the top-tier dealers. It’s all based on how much the advertiser is willing to pay. In contrast, Organic Google listings are based on relevance. The more relevant listings show up first. Even paid listings are not fully set by price; the relevance of the ad contributes to its position or ranking. Not long ago, many people speculated whether Google would create something to compete with listings services, and Google even piloted several programs. However, Google’s core business is already a fantastic leads provider for any dealer with an advanced search engine marketing program.