20 Years of Automotive Internet: There Should Be OEM Mandates

By August 13, 2015Uncategorized
There Should Be OEM Mandates preview

There Should Be OEM Mandates

Over the past 20 years, OEM mandates on dealer’s online marketing have gone from a long period of non-existence to “Oh my gosh!” Frankly, manufacturers have a right and a responsibility to assure their dealers are operating at a high standard. OEMs should have mandates but of a different kind, like answering the phone properly 95% of the time, having chat and texting, including a send to mobile button on the website, the ability to produce a comparison set of vehicles that includes more than one of the OEM’s models, having video, and a minimum number of actual photos on every new vehicle with five days on site. None of these things are mandated by any OEM, but they should be. Assure that dealers participate online with great merchandising and customer communication and it’s a sure bet they won’t waste that effort on a trickle poor website or sub-par digital marketing. A selection of vendors should be certified and required to share data and assure quality site performance, but the first OEM to get all their dealers executing on the basics will truly be a marketing force in the industry.