20 Years of Automotive Internet: Sales Dependability

Sales Dependability

Who Holds the Marketing Power in Automotive Marketing?

Sales dependability may be as important as vehicle dependability. Vehicle dependability is measured in problems per 100 vehicles for three year old vehicles as operated over the past 12 months. One of the most frequent problems today is with Bluetooth pairing or connectivity. After several years of vehicle ownership, many drivers have one or more electronic devices that didn’t even exist when the vehicle was built, yet the consumer expectation is for the vehicle to work with that device or the vehicle is broken. Frankly, it’s similar on the sales side. Many shoppers today are using mobile devices that did not exist the last time they shopped for a vehicle, but they expect the dealer’s website to work perfectly on their new devices. Does the dealer’s site have all the same vehicle information on a mobile phone as on a desktop? Usually not. Does it have a send to mobile feature? Usually not. Is it configured properly for any tablet computer? Usually not. Is it designed to be operated by touch screen as well as by mouse and keyboard? Most are not. Much of the dealership history sending shoppers into the store with an attitude or out of the market all together is not from poor store experiences decades ago. It’s from poor online experiences a few hours, days, or weeks ago.