20 Years of Automotive Internet: Downloadable Brochures and Owner’s Manuals

Downloadable Brochures and Owner's Manuals video

Downloadable Brochures and Owner’s Manuals

Ten years ago I urged manufacturers to hold onto their marketing content, like online brochures, and use that content to demonstrate the value of their used vehicles in later years, thus increasing residual values. You still won’t find that information on manufacturer sites, even on their certified vehicles. However, a growing number of dealers do have downloadable brochures and owner’s manuals for their used vehicles, even outside their franchise. So today, a Chrysler dealer using our most basic website package will have the downloadable brochure and owner’s manual for a late-model Chevrolet Silverado. It’s the factory brochure, specific to that model and year. GM does not have it on their website, the GM dealer down the street does not have it on their website, but any dealer with a new website from Dealer eProcess will have it automatically on the appropriate Vehicle Detail Page.