20 Years of Automotive Internet: Awards and Accolades

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Awards and Accolades

The number of awards a vehicle can win has proliferated wildly over the last quarter century. Manufacturers spend a great deal of money on the advertising rights for many of these awards. Winning them can be like winning the marketing lotto. So what happens to all those awards next year and for the next five years after that? Those awards and accolades remain a matter of public record, and they can still enhance or sustain preference for a vehicle. Nonetheless, you won’t find those past awards and accolades on the manufacturer’s site, not even adjacent to one of the certified vehicles responsible for winning that particular award. The good news is you can have this information on your dealerships site. You can have it for all of your new and used vehicles, even the used vehicles you carry from another franchise. You heard that right, you can promote a used, late-model Chevrolet better than a Chevrolet dealer can. You can also show the NHTSA crash test ratings and the EPA green scores. It’s all automatic, and it’s all included with every new website package from Dealer eProcess.