20 Years of Automotive Internet: Publicity

By September 24, 2015Uncategorized
Publicity video preview


Public relations was once the name for a company’s interaction with the relevant press. Marketers often referred to it as earned media. It didn’t come without a lot of effort. Today, the most important press for a local dealer is not from the local media but from actual customers through social media outlets. There remains a place for professional journalism, but many consumers function as citizen journalists, indexing extremely high for their willingness to post about products, services, and businesses themselves. In a recent Automotive News article my friend Kevin Frye described his videos from drones as indirect publicity. By any name, it’s something you invest in and earn if it can contribute substantially to your branding efforts, as Kevin’s videos are. If it’s completely out of left field and not consistent with your branding efforts, it may be better left alone.