20 Years of Automotive Internet: Marketing Advantages of Dealer Groups

By September 18, 2015Uncategorized
Marketing Advantages of Dealer Groups preview

Marketing Advantages of Dealer Groups

I’m back this week with Dealer Group expert Maria Espinoza. Maria, what are some of the marketing advantages exclusive to dealer groups? Dealer group sites are one of the big advantages dealer groups have. They can combine their new and used inventory onto one site. With an advanced SRP like we provide from Dealer eProcess, shoppers can obtain search results that include multiple makes and/or multiple models. So a shopper considering a Ford F-150, a Chevy Silverado, and a Toyota Tundra is able to see all of them in the same search results, set and compare every photo of every vehicle without leaving the SRP. In our recent article Dennis and I demonstrate how this advantage helps the dealer group obtain trusted adviser status, rising aboveut the store level of being an OEM brand representative to be an expert across brands. Aggregating inventory on a group site and servicing customers with a centralized, well-trained BDC opens up a new opportunitynew opportunities for trusted adviser status in the years to come.