20 Years of Automotive Internet: Manufacturer Involvement with Dealership Websites

Manufacturer Involvement with Dealership Websites, preview

Manufacturer Involvement with Dealership Websites

Some franchises don’t have individual store websites. This is true of many auto repair franchises and vehicle rental franchises. It is not the case with auto dealers. Virtually every dealer has a functioning website of some kind, and store-level websites are a huge competitive differentiator. There is only so much a dealer can do on third-party sites to differentiate inventory, but there is a great deal one can do on the store-level site. Amazingly, over half the dealers in North America are asked by their manufacturer to limit themselves to the factory mandated site. Automotive Internet did not start out with mandated mediocrity, but that’s where most dealers are today. Ironically, stair-step programs and other incentives from many of these same manufacturers are requiring dealers to have two websites, one to meet the factory’s website mandate and one to provide enough competitive advantage to consistently make the sales numbers required for maximum profitability.